We are committed to working with all stakeholders to build a sustainable
and prosperous future. As part of the "carbon neutrality" initiative, we are dedicated
to promoting green and low-carbon growth for the benefit of future generations.
Pursuit of High-quality Development

By following the principle of "seizing opportunities for steady progress and improving quality and efficiency," we will continue to define and advance our development in three key business areas as part of our "One Body, Two Wings" strategy. Our aim is to achieve corporate excellence through continuous optimization of our lean management practices.

Effective Governance
The Company has established a corporate governance structure composed of the general meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Directors, the Board of Supervisors, and Senior Management.
Under the Board of Directors there is the Strategy Committee, the Audit Committee, the Remuneration and Appraisal Committee, and the Nomination Committee.
3 shareholders meetings, 10 Board of Directors meetings, 8 Board of Supervisors meetings, and 12 special Committee meetings were conducted.
Board of Directors and Senior Management undergo a specialized training session on stock management and corporate governance.
R&D Innovation

Crystalline Silicon R&D Center

Battery Technology R&D Center

Module R&D Center

System R&D Center
Authorized patents
Key R&D projects
of the R&D Center
Authorized patents
PV products and solutions
Cumulative supply of PV products
Countries and regions importing JA Solar products
Annual carbon emission reduction
Development and Construction
of PV Power Plants
PV power plants
Over 600 million kWh
Annual green electricity generation from grid-connected projects
Projects under construction
Distributed PV power plants constructed at manufacturing bases
25 million kWh
Annual green power generation from distributed PV power plants constructed at manufacturing bases
Benefiting Society as Always

JA Solar has the mission of "developing solar energy and benefiting humanity" and our corporate spirit is based on "sincerity, simplicity, reverence, and gratitude." We actively practice corporate social responsibility and work to build a comprehensive green development system to support global carbon neutrality. We also participate in public welfare initiatives and spread sunshine to society, touching the lives of more people with our actions.

Low-carbon Efforts
JA Solar has five national-level green factories
Water conservation projects
1.76 million m3/year
Water conservation projects
Exhaust emission improvement projects
240 million m3/year
Reduced air emissions
Electric power conservation projects
6.825 million kWh/year
Electric power conservation
Ecological Conservation
Honors received for 182 mm featured products
Ecological Design Products
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC
Pro-environment Certification
Pro-environment Certification
South Korea
Environmental Product Declaration Identifier
Public Welfare
Donated RMB10 million for flood control and disaster relief in Henan province
Offered more than RMB56 million in poverty alleviation funds through PV power plants as of the end of 2021
Donated RMB573,400 for "three major projects for the benefit of the people," including 276 disadvantaged patients with cataract and 87 impoverished students
Donated 50 KW PV modules to Tsinghua University's Integrated Light Storage and Charging Research Project
Provided a total of 73 KW PV modules to Xi’an Jiaotong University and Southeast University for participation in the third Solar Decathlon China (SDC) competition
The Vietnam base identified by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as a "Spring Vaccine Action" site
Promoting Common Prosperity

JA Solars core values are "customer first, shareholder priority, employee benefits." We strive to build an ecosystem of mutual growth and shared success with customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, communities, and others, driving both social and economic progress and advancing the industry as a whole.

Employee Empowerment
Meeting of the labor union committee
Training hours per person
Recreational and sports activities
Total person/times of employees trained
Reasonable suggestions collected
Support to employees in need
98.7 %
Responses or solutions to employee suggestions
Supports given to employees in difficulty
Employee Empowerment
Total number of global distributors
Cumulative global users over the years
100% suppliers passed ISO9001 quality management system certification
Joint release of 182 mm series module standards
Sustainability management
We have established a sustainable development management system, guided by the strategic committee and coordinated by various departments at the headquarters and production bases.
Founded safety management, compliance management, anti-fraud management, carbon management organizations, etc.
Implemented ISO14001 and ISO 45001 management systems in 18 subsidiaries
Joined the United Nations Global Compact, China Poverty-Alleviation Promotion of Volunteer Service, Enterprise Anti-Fraud Alliance, Trust and Integrity Enterprise Alliance, China Business Climate Action, and other organizations and initiatives
Corporate social responsibility report