Chairman Address

Grow towards the sun, stride forward to our goal! For over a decade, we've upheld our mission of "develop solar power to benefit the entire human race." We're dedicated to advancing the photovoltaic industry with a commitment to "becoming a great enterprise" through sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. Our core values of "Being Customer-Centred, Promoting Welfare For Our Staff Members, Creating Value For The Owners" guide us in providing high-quality and efficient PV solutions while generating long-term value for all. We believe in "acting righteously, working diligently" with honesty, simplicity, and respect, in close cooperation with partners from around the world, to create a "mutually beneficial industry ecosystem" and drive progress in energy and environmental solutions with the spirits of "honesty, simplicity, respect and appreciation.

At JA Solar, we believe that with determination, anything is possible. In the face of the global shift towards carbon neutrality, we remain committed to our mission and the responsibility that comes with it. We prioritize technology research and development, quality service, steady growth, and profitability, all while contributing to a greener future and a better life for humanity. Join us in our mission.

——Chairman Jin Baofang