Energy Storage Solutions
As one of JA Solar emerging businesses in smart energy, JA Solar Energy Storage is a crucial part of the company's " one body, two wings " strategy. JA Solar Energy Storage is dedicated to becoming a leading global provider of energy storage products and solutions, creating a smart, low-carbon, and safe and efficient electric environment for all.
Power side system
Introducing our Energy Storage System for the Power Side - Designed to alleviate the instability issues of photovoltaic and wind power sources, our solution adheres to the philosophy of integrating energy storage with photovoltaic power. We provide a comprehensive application solution that covers project development, system design, construction, and station operation. Experience the benefits of a clean and efficient energy solution.
Reduce curtailment of wind and PV power and increase on-grid electricity and revenue from power generation;
Reduce power fluctuations and track planned power output to lower assessment costs;
Increase the capability of regulating wind /PV power generation to obtain compensation for ancillary services;
Improve AGC frequency modulation function of the machine to lower assessment costs;
Reduce unnecessary start-ups and wear & tear of the machine set, extending the service life and lowering coal consumption;
Improve the reliability and safety of the machine set.
Grid side system
Applied on the grid-side energy storage system, with the core technologies of safe battery system, reliable inverter system, and intelligent energy management system, it helps power plant operation and management, improves stability and safety of the power plant.
Alleviate the sharp peak-valley difference and high pressure of power supply in regional power grids;
Increase equipment utilization and reduce grid construction spending;
Provide rapid support for extra-high voltage and high-power transmission lines in case of failure;
Increase grid support capability
Industrial & commercial
Integrating photovoltaic, energy storage, power grid, and load equipment, our solution is based on the principles of efficiency, intelligence, and safety. We provide secure and smart clean energy solutions for commercial and industrial fields through a safe and intelligent grid-connected and off-grid working mode.
Reduce the pressure of grid regulation;
Use peak-valley spread arbitrage to lower electricity costs;
Respond to power demands and reduce power assessment;
Stand-by power supply available to ensure stable power.
Household energy storage
Our new energy storage system combines PV power generation with storage batteries to create a smart micro-grid, offering consumers a safe and intelligent electricity supply. Households located in suitable locations can generate their own electricity and sell any excess back to the State Grid, reducing electricity costs and generating additional income.
Flexible and easy to use
Electricity generated for self-use; economical and efficient
The remaining electricity is sold to the State Grid for extra earnings