Large-scale Power Plant Solutions
At JA Solar we specialize in multi-form photovoltaic (PV) power plants, including conventional centralized PV power plants, Agri Voltaics , Floating Solar PV power plants, and  and other forms. Additionally, we offer multi-energy power plants with wind and solar storage, source-grid-load-storage integrated power plants, and other innovative energy solutions. Our aim is to drive the transition to green energy and reduce carbon emissions, ultimately working towards carbon neutrality.
Various investment and development modes
We independently invest in power plants and hold them for the long term. We also work with other parties to develop and construct power plants and provide relevant services.
Boosting local economic development
We contribute tax revenue to local governments, offer employment opportunities, and bring land revenue to local communities.
Long-term stable capital income
Abundant solar energy resources, sustained support from macroeconomic policy, safe and reliable power plants with stable power generation, and the steadily rising value of green power.
Low-carbon and eco-friendly
Energy-saving and emission reduction solutions are adopted to increase the use of green energy and help local communities achieve “dual-control” of both energy consumption and intensity.
Advantages of JA Solar
Leading high-performance products
JA Solar has been an industry leader in PV products. For 8 consecutive years, it has ranked first on the global market for the mass production of cells, in terms of technology and scale.
Integrated industrial layout
JA Solar has many production bases across China, which ensures product quality effectively.
15 years of experience in system integration
JA Solar has 15 years of experience in 1GW system integration.
Authoritative construction qualification
JA Solar has a comprehensive product certification and construction qualification certification system to ensure the quality of projects.
Rapid response services
JA Solar's engineering center and operation & maintenance team provide the fastest technical and operational response services.