Distributed Commercial Solutions
Take advantage of the sun's power with JA Solar's rooftop PV system. Business owners can save on electricity costs and earn additional income by using the generated solar power for their own needs and selling the excess back to the grid.
Distributed PV power plants
· BIPV · BAPV · PV sheds · Distributed household PV power plants · Distributed commercial and industrial PV power plants
Other PV power plants
· PV-based poverty alleviation power plant · Off-grid PV power plants
Investment value
High returns with multiple benefits including discounted power rates, income from power sales, policy subsidy, and carbon trading;
Environmental protection and emission reduction
1MW distributed project, with an annual power generation capacity of about 1.2 million kWh, which saves 350 tons of standard coal and reduces 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions;
Safety and reliability
The strong policy support from the national and local governments secures persistent, stable, and safe returns for PV investment;
Energy trend
With the strong support from national and local governments, investing in PV power generation ensures persistent, stable, and secure returns. At the same time, we are following the global trend in addressing energy and carbon emission challenges, promoting the benefits of green supply chain management in the international trade environment.
Easing power outages
Helps to alleviate the power shortages faced by energy-intensive enterprises, without the issue of solar power curtailment in centralized power stations;
Price parity
Unaffected by the upward trend in electricity prices
Advantages of JA Solar
Leading high-performance products
Our solution helps energy-intensive enterprises to overcome power shortages without experiencing the problem of solar power curtailment at centralized power stations.
Integrated industrial layout
JA Solar has 12 production bases across China, which ensures product quality effectively.
15 years of experience in system integration
JA Solar has 15 years of experience in 1,000MW system integration.
Authoritative construction qualification
JA Solar has a comprehensive product certification and construction qualification certification system that ensures the quality of projects.
Rapid response services
We understand the importance of quick and efficient technical and operational support. That's why we've established an engineering center and a dedicated operation & maintenance team to ensure the fastest response times for our customers.