As a photovoltaic power generation solution platform, JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd. continues to advance its "One Body, Two Wings" strategy. The "One Body" refers to our main industry chain integrating silicon wafers, cells, and modules, while the "Two Wings" refer to our PV auxiliary materials and equipment industry and PV+ application scenario solutions. In 2019, JA Solar was officially listed on the A-share market (stock symbol: "JA Solar"; stock code: 002459).

With continuous technological innovation, stable financial strengths, and a well-developed global sales and service network, JA Solar has been widely recognized by domestic and international customers and has been listed in the "Fortune 500 China 500" and "Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises" for multiple consecutive years.
Annual Sales Revenue of 2022
Cumulative Shipments
(As of Q2,2023)
Covered Countries and
Regions (As of Q4, 2022)
(As of Q4, 2022)
R&D Milestones
Mass production efficiency of PERCIUM p-type mono cell reaches 23.7%
Efficiency of BYCIUM n-type cell achieves 25%
DeepBlue4.0 X was put into mass production with power up to 615W
Pilot line of DeepBlue4.0 X (based on BYCIUM+) with power of 610W
Efficiency of mass produced PERCIUM+p-type mono cell achieves 23.4%
Power of new product DeepBlue3.0 reaches a record high 545W
Mass production power of PERCIUM+ p-type mono cell achieves 23%
Warranty for first-year maximum module power reduction ≤2%
Mass production power of 72-cell MBB half-cell module achieves 410W
Mass production efficiency of PERCIUM p-type mono cell achieves 22.7%
Conversion efficiency of BYCIUM n-type mono cell achieves 23.8%
Conversion efficiency of BYCIUM n-type mono cell achieves 22.5%
Mass production power of 60-cell mono module breaks 325W
Mass production of double glass module
Mass production of regular 1500V modules
Power of 60-cell mono module achieves 300W
Mass production of anti-PID(85℃,85%RH)cells and modules
Mass production of PERCIUM p-type mono cells
Conversion efficiencyof RIECIUM p-typepoly cell achieves 20%
Conversion efficiency of PERCIUM p-type mono cell achieves 20.3%
Mass productionof anti-PID (60℃,85%RH) cells andmodules
R5 Cell: Mono 18.8%, Multi 17.2%