Household PV Solutions
Our Household PV System is a cutting-edge solution that allows homeowners to generate their own electricity and save on energy costs. With this system, DC electricity is converted into AC by an inverter and monitored by a meter box. The generated electricity can be used by the household or sold back to the State Grid at the local electricity rate, providing additional income.
We offer four investment options for households looking to install a PV power generation system.
Jing Yi Bao
Full Payment Mode
The customer pays the entire cost of purchasing and installing the power plant in one lump sum and is entitled to the ownership and entire proceeds of the plant. This option offers the highest return on investment with a fast payback.
Full payment Highest return Fastest payback on investment
Jing Zu Bao
Operating Lease Mode
The customer rents the power plant equipment and uses the proceeds from power generation to pay rent to financial leasing companies, securing a stable income. This option offers low risk with high yield and strong guarantee.
Low risk High yield Strong guarantee
Jing Xing Bao
Cooperative Construction Mode
The customer provides the rooftop, while JA Solar funds the construction of the power plant. An agent is responsible for the development, installation, operation, and maintenance of the plant. The customer earns stable rental income from the rooftop, while the profit from power generation belongs to JA Solar. This option offers zero risk, stable income, and strong guarantee.
Zero risk Stable income Strong guarantee
Jing Dai Bao
PV Loan Mode
The customer may invest in the power plant with a loan and guarantee provided by JA Solar and a financial institution, with little to no down payment. The proceeds from power generation can be used to repay the loan and serve as a stable source of income at the same time. This option offers zero down payment and installment payment, with a higher yield.
Zero down payment Installment payment Higher yield
Advantages of JA Solar
Comprehensive Support and Guarantee
● Strong Brand Support:Backed by JA Solar's strong brand power and regular national-level promotions and publicity.
● Online App:Online standardized quality checks and contract signing.
● Credit Extension:Up to 1:3 leverage, reducing the pressure on agents to develop the market.
● Fast Settlement:One payment per household, weekly settlements.
● Drone Surveys:Panoramic drone surveys for precise and accurate assessments.
● Customized Design Options:Tailored roof solutions with fast and accurate drawings.
● Efficient Delivery:Nationwide supply chain system ensures the quickest possible delivery.
2+2 PV Power Plant Management Platform
The platform is easily accessible via Web or app ports, providing professional and efficient whole-process automation management for business processes such as ordering, settlement, and financial services.
End-users can keep track of their power plant operation, electricity generation, and proceeds through the easy-to-use app or applet. 24-hour one-on-one customer service and hassle-free automatic failure reporting are also available.