Carbon Free Power Plant
We have developed a smart energy management platform to address carbon asset management and electricity market trading. By utilizing low-carbon, zero-carbon, and carbon-negative technologies such as distributed wind power, distributed PV, energy storage, charging and battery swap stations, green heating, and energy-saving equipment, we aim to achieve the integration of power sources, grid, load, and energy storage for the diversified production and supply of electricity, heat, and cold energy. Our goal is to build a carbon-free power plant that is self-sufficient in energy use and low in energy costs through efficient energy use methods.
Low-carbon, zero-carbon, and carbon-negative technologies
These include energy-saving management, processes, and equipment, wind power, PV, zero-carbon hydrogen manufacturing, electricity storage, heat/cold storage, and ecological carbon sink, CCUS.
Electricity trading
The platform facilitates electricity purchase and sale, green power trading, and green power certificate trading.
Carbon Asset Management
This includes carbon monitoring, inventory, and trading.
Energy Management Solutions
We provide comprehensive energy management services that cater to all types of energy, including cooling, heating, electricity, water and gas, in an industrial park.
Full-Cycle Management
Our approach to smart energy management encompasses every aspect of the process, from investment and planning to construction and operation.
Customized Solutions
We offer tailored solutions for each segment of the source-grid-load-storage process, ensuring that our clients receive the support they need to meet their unique energy requirements.
Integrated Energy Management
Our goal is to bring together energy flow, business flow, and data flow to create a cohesive, digital energy ecosystem that is efficient and effective.
JA Solar's plan
NO.1 Existing Park-User-Side Energy Storage Solutions
The integration of energy storage systems with renewable energy sources like wind power and photovoltaic (PV) power is becoming increasingly important in the gradual shift towards renewable energy. Energy storage systems offer several benefits including
Load smoothing and peak cut
Peak cut and demand adjustment
Improved power quality
Improve grid energy efficiency and power quality
Emergency power supply
Emergency power supply, backup power
Reduced charging costs through the combination of photovoltaic, energy storage, and charging piles.
Reduce charging costs
NO.2 New park-BIPV solutions Upgrade common crystalline silicon modules to BIPV standard components by changing the connection method of module frame, cell arrangement, and wiring method BIPV standard components meet the relevant requirements and standards for building materials such as roof waterproofing, fireproofing, insulation, and load bearing With independent intellectual property rights and patent protection

Building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) technology combines photovoltaic power generation with building materials, transforming energy-consuming buildings into energy-producing green buildings.
JA Solar’s BIPV system solutions offer a complete set of services, from market research and design to product and construction.
These solutions are applicable for the roof upgrading and renovation of both new and existing industrial factory
NO.3 Overseas parks - distributed energy solutions
Based on “advanced manufacturing + international channels,” a global strategic layout is initiated
Within the framework of our overseas sales network, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of the photovoltaic market, local policies, and cultural atmosphere. We will actively invest in local electricity markets.
In 2022, we will actively seek investment opportunities for power plant projects in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in countries such as Italy, Spain, Croatia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.
Building a green energy ecosystem and realizing the diversification of “PV+” business models
The goal is to establish a comprehensive concept of smart energy, build a green energy ecosystem, and diversify the "PV+" business models.
We are carefully constructing the Smart Energy Research Institute and other professional business units, and evaluating the various new business models and positions. This includes ventures into BIPV, residential use, energy storage, digital solutions, and more.
Residential use
Model :
Investment in residential power plants combined with direct sales/distribution of residential systems.
Positioning :
A professional provider of solutions for residential new energy systems.
Energy storage
Research and development, production and sales of residential hybrid photovoltaic and storage converter
Model :
Investment in distributed power plants combined with EPC services and direct sales of BIPV systems.
Positioning :
professional provider of comprehensive BIPV solutions
Digital solutions
Model :
Internal operation tools combined with investment in zero carbon parks.
Positioning :
A zero carbon provider of digital integration system solutions.
NO.4 Park investment - centralized PV solutions JA Solar provides an integrated “development-construction-operation” solution
Resource survey, project design, handling of procedures, project application
General construction contracting, acceptance inspection, and grid connection, completion of procedures
Operation and maintenance services