JA Solar Continues Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Power n Sun Time:2023-11-13
On October 30th, JA Solar and Power n Sun (PNS) signed another strategic cooperation agreement during the Future Energy Show KSA 2023. LK Verma, Founder and Managing Director of PNS, and Jack Zhang, JA Solar Regional Head of the Middle East market, signed contracts for both parties.

Mr. Verma stated, "JA Solar's outstanding results in the global PV market have contributed to the growing use of PV technology worldwide, positioning JA Solar as one of the leaders in the industry. JA Solar and PNS started collaborating in 2021 and since then the partnership is growing every year aiming for 500MW soon. We are proud to work with JA Solar to promote clean energy in these regions. Based on these earlier achievements, we believe that PNS and JA Solar can create even more value in the solarisation process, which will be a win for both parties and the market. "

Jack Zhang, JA Solar Regional Head of the Middle East market, added, "PNS is a well-known distributor in the ME region. Its wealth of experience in selling PV products has contributed to the sustainable development of the local PV industry. JA Solar is grateful for PNS's strong support over the past few years and looks forward to deepening the relationship. With PNS, JA Solar looks forward to further promoting carbon neutrality by leveraging the advantages of our modules, resulting in more success for both companies and energy consumers."